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Weekend Wrap-Up From Your Race Director 375s

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  • Weekend Wrap-Up From Your Race Director 375s

    If you missed this weekend at Hangtown for the 8th Annual 'Relay to E-race Breast Cancer' you really missed out!! The generosity of the OTHG members is amazing!! Thank you to everyone who placed bids, donated money, donated memorabilia and donated items for the event.

    The highlight of the day was the relay race, ten teams entered and the 1st place award goes out to team "Boulder Holders"...

    The following Sierra members earned a top step on the podium on Sunday.

    45 Novice - 777s Robert Shaver
    52 Novice - 328s Michael Maguire
    52 Expert - 55s Randy Jones
    38 Expert - 565s Frank Lodarski
    30 Expert - 117s Robert Richardson
    45 Expert - 155s Ken McGrath
    58 Expert - 127s Kevin Kearney
    65 Expert - 800s Steve Parker
    30 Beginner - 272s Sydney Condrashoff
    Women Beginner - 276s Jessica Elms
    Women Novice - 54s Tammy Horner
    Women Intermediate - 138s Linda Thomas
    38 Novice - 337s Steve Hernandez
    58 Novice - 814s Marty Cunningham
    38 Master - 991 Michael Gorda
    30 Master - 897 Blake Ballard
    45 Master -10s Jason Garica
    52 Master - 21s Tom Jones
    30 Intermediate - 58s Bryce Aebi
    38 Intermediate - 597s Ben Oats

    The following members were released from evaluations to the following skill level:

    Matt Ellis - 45 Novice
    Ashley Lasiter - Women Novice
    Joey Lasiter - 30 Expert
    Cassidy Scott - Women Intermediate
    Ethan Hyde - 30 Beginner
    Kris Kibby - 45 Intermediate

    Welcome the following new members
    Jim Domschot
    Charlie Schafer
    Mitchell Rodriguez
    Kevin Degray

    Next major event is the Valley National at DT1 for those who have qualified to race a national.

    Sierra Chapter/ family ride weekend at Argyll the 30 & 31st of Oct - (This is a private event for Sierra members only)

    The last race of the 2021 season on November 14th at Argyll!!