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Bridgestone tires

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  • Bridgestone tires

    I’ve always ran a Bridgestone 204 rear tire. Always thought it was best all around tire for tracks we race plus I seem to always get really good starts with them. But I’m having trouble finding one. I see the x20 and x30. Did these tires replace the 204? Has any one tried either of these tires and what do you think..? X20 suppose to be soft terrain and x30 intermediate terrain. The 204 was a soft/intermediate tire. Just not sure which way to go.

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    Bridgestone went to the X20 to replace the 204. I have been running the X30"s for a couple years and really like them.


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      Rob if you liked the 204 you will like the X20, its just the upgraded version of the 204 still a soft to intermediate tire, I think works a little better than the 204 and wears good too.


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        Thanks fir input guys