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Parking at Argyll

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  • Parking at Argyll

    I posted this to the Bay facebook page, but in case anyone here has any info....
    I got to Argyll about 6:45 am on sunday in a pickup, towing a 16ft trailer and found their was no parking left in the main area for something the size I am [unless I parked and blocked someone in]. I had to park in the field past the starting line. With so many more riders coming for the national with motorhomes and trailers, are they going to have additional parking that weekend?
    Got a reply right away-

    • Bay Over the Hill Gang
      Bay Over the Hill Gang Yes. We will be chalking the main parking area and monitoring it as well. The kids track will be leveled so there will be additional parking out there. If needed, the speedway parking lot will be opened as well.

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    Brad Mike is going to smooth out both kids tracks and we will have the pit area for car track there will be plenty of parking they have had over 500 for triple crow and with his new PA system all should be able to here what is going on
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      Thanks for the update..Looks like we're bringing the motorhome... The car track parking would be good for RVs and such....


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        here's our parking layout for the national weekend Click image for larger version

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          Thank you Shay for posting this on Sierras site. Please look at the map and keep in the areas that are not reserved for vendors or Bay board members. Please also remember that the Bay warm up race was full so we have to make sure we stay in the chalked parking areas for the National. We should have a great turnout. Also do not save spots for friends showing up the next day. Only if the time is for a few hours then we will allow saving one spot only. There are some areas that can accommodate parking two trailers in line with each other and still have plenty of room. I need to make sure minimum we leave a 20 foot roadway for Mike to get his equipment through. It’s going to be tight and we need to make sure that we all can get in and have a great Bay National. I do not have access to the other sites besides Bay and Sierra so please pass this info onto the other chapter members. Be safe and see everyone Labor Day weekend.


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            Just giving a heads up regarding everyone’s travels to Argyll for the Bay National. If you normally use Fry Road to Hwy 113 to Argyll MX you need to use another route other than Fry Road. They are closing Fry Road from August 26th thru October 30th there are other county roads to use that are not to far out of the way that shouldn’t add to much time to your trip. Be safe and only a short few weeks until the Nationals.


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              Will we be able to get in Thursday some time or Friday for those if us that are camping for the length of the event?


              • Ryan305b
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                Yes they will opening up the gates Thursday afternoon. I’m not sure what time so keep checking the forums for the gate times.