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2019 Sierra Chapter Top 25 'A-List'

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  • 2019 Sierra Chapter Top 25 'A-List'

    Please join the 2019 Sierra Chapter Board Members in congratulating the Top 25 Riders, National, Class & Club Champions!
    It's no small feat to earn these accomplishments, to say the least.
    Even if you aren't on the list, plan on attending the awards banquet slated for January 11th, 2020 to offer your support and kudos to your fellow competitors. It's a good time!

    ***REGISTRATION CLOSED** See you at The Bash!

    Please note: Remember to renew your Sierra Chapter membership by January 31st otherwise your current race number will be released to the available numbers pool.
    You can renew (Or join!) by credit card, PayPal or a check by visiting this link:

    And without further adieu...
    2019 Sierra OTHG Year End Awards Recipients:

    #1 - Troy Cardiel 5s
    Club Champion
    45 Master Class Champion
    45 Master National Champion
    Assistant Race Director

    #2 - Cory Morris 512s
    38 Novice Class Champion
    38 Novice National Champion

    #3 - Jason Horn 258s
    45 Novice Class Champion
    2nd 45 Novice National Series

    #4 - Charlie Baldwin 513s
    58 Expert Class Champion
    2nd 58 Expert National Series

    #5 - Brad Huffer 95s
    58 Intermediate Class Champion
    3rd 58 Intermediate National Series

    #6 - Dave Harden 643s
    52 Expert Class Champion
    2nd 52 Expert National Series

    #7 - Mike Smialek 909s
    38 Intermediate Class Champion
    38 Intermediate National Champion

    #8 - Nathan Fanelli 32s
    2nd 38 Intermediate National Series

    #9 - Lisa Glynn 413s
    38 Novice Class Champion

    #10 - Eric Tyler 4s
    2nd 45 Master National Series

    #11 - Brent Workman 205s
    Vice President

    #12 - Fred Biagini 998s
    58 Novice Class Champion
    3rd 58 Novice National Series

    #13 - Dave Mozingo 404s
    58 Master Class Champion

    #14 Keith Marshall 314s
    30 Intermediate Class Champion

    #15 - Joshua Paloma 10s
    30 Expert Class Champion

    #16 - Leroy Francard 135s
    65 Novice Class Champion

    #17 - Mark Townley 407s
    52 Intermediate Class Champion
    3rd 52 Intermediate National Series

    #18 - Greg McRae 174s

    #19 - Linda Thomas 138s
    Women Intermediate Class Champion
    3rd Women Intermediate National Series

    #20 - Jennifer Rockenstein 831s
    52 Novice Class Champion
    3rd 52 Novice National Series

    #21 - Steven Ulle 774s
    2nd 52 Novice National Series

    #22 - Rich Harrington 227s

    #23 - Derek Antonio 229s

    #24 - Joe Lozowski 80s

    #25 - David Rendon 613s

    Ashley Paloma 24s
    30 Beginner Class Champion

    Michael Hall 454s
    45 Beginner Class Champion

    Jarrid Malcria 220s
    30 Novice Class Champion

    Matt Drury 309s
    52 Master Class Champion

    Randy Law 45s
    58 Master National Champion


    #1 - Troy Cardiel 5s
    Club Champion
    45 Master Class Champion
    45 Master National Champion
    Assistant Race Director

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