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Corona Virus Question

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  • Corona Virus Question

    Have you or has anyone in your family been sick in the last 2 months with the flu?


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    I believe I may have had it. My fiance and I went to A2 and Disneyland for my birthday. we flew both ways. I though it was just a cold but we think it turned out to be the flu ( or china virus)


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      I'm thinking I had it too. Was sick for 14 days. Usually the flu only lasts about 7.
      Sore throat, sinus issues, slight fever (100°) and a cough that lasted 4 weeks. Never even bad enough to go to the doctor.



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        yep started with a sore throat then came the ever lasting cough. felt like my lungs were filled with fluid. had to labor my breathing because if i breathed too deep id cough. never measured my fever but it would come and go at nights and in the mornings. when it did come id be freezing cold to and couldn't get warm no matter what. then as soon as i got somewhat comfortable id get extremely hot and sweat like crazy! even like a week after i felt like i wasn't sick anymore i was still getting fluid out of my lungs.


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          Yup, very good chance that you both had it. Might have some degree of immunity if that's the case.