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Location for DT-1 on 10/22/21

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  • Location for DT-1 on 10/22/21

    I noticed the Google calendar on this site shows the final 2021 National at DT-1... then the address on the calendar item shows Argyll.

    Isn't DT-1 in Tulare somewhere? Never been to it.

    Where is the final National?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I was waiting for Drake to chime in. Drake hacked into the system and changed the location on the Google calendar.
    The Valley National will be at DT-1 in Tulare.
    The calendar has been corrected. If you still see the old location, you will need to refresh the calendar.


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      Don't listen to Sommer. The website address is correct, DT-1 is at Argyll for you Mr. Rice. HaHa!
      I couldn't even hack my way into a bag of low-salt Fritos.
      Get ready for some big jumps. And flies, lots of flies.


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        could there be any more flies than Argyll?


        • Drake557s
          Drake557s commented
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          Yes! It's like one of the plaques of Egypt.

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        Its next to a water treatment plant. If the breeze blows towards the track it isn't a nice place to be. If the breeze blows away from the track and track prep is good, its a good race track. Bring a fan as a way to keep the flies moving.


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          Originally posted by SRice 997s View Post
          could there be any more flies than Argyll?
          no problem... I shall paint blood over the door of my RV ... no flies and the angel of death shall pass over me and lead me to the promised land... checkered flag,