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    Have there been any discussion on electric bikes [EBs] and if they are allowed or going to be allowed to race with the OTHG? EBs might be the future of the sport with the crack downs coming on small motors and they make next to no noise... I read the Japanese and KTM group settle on a standard battery for their platforms, so they are coming.
    I was reading about the Stark Varg, it is really high tech and affordable also. They have 2 model, a 60hp and 80hp. They are taking orders now for a release in about 6 months and there is a little over a years wait. Stark (
    To me, they sound too easy to ride and take away from the skill of riding a dirt bike, since they have no transmission,.... hell, if you had 80hp , holeshots would be almost a sure thing...But i really don't want to get beat by 1 either....It makes me think if they are going to be that beneficial that one might need to get one to be competitive ....I doubt an EB would make a beginner into a master. This transition might be like what 4 strokes did to 2 strokes 20 years ago and in the 60s what 2 strokes did to 4 strokes..,,
    Any thoughts?
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    Just a different motor. “ rung what ya brung”.
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      9/24 (hoping for delivery date). Should be fun. The oems all have them in the pipeline, I think now the issue will be pushed. Josh Hill has interview on Gypsy Tale regarding Stark. Totally adjustable power delivery. 13,000$ comes with kyb suspension tuned to you, aftermarket wheelset, brembo brakes, and it looks awesome. Will run 2 motos and practice for our races, can top of if needed from my Predator or plug into my future electric pickup. Minimal maintenance and parts- parts shipped and repair videos online if needed- currently I think they are signing up dealers. The company has been very responsive- 1-2 days with my questions. I look forward to no more oil /filter changes, air filter cleaning and oiling. No valves to adjust, no top end or motor rebuilds- although my Yz450f with 100 hours has been bullet proof. Spend more time just riding and being with friends and family.
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