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Racing cost vs track time

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  • Racing cost vs track time

    Just a discussion. I started this sport almost 3 years ago and enjoy it. I have watched over the last year attendance at races/ practice drop. I know track owners need to do what they need to do. I saw the post on Riverfront re those that missed out- I could not attend- evacuation from Foresthill. Practice fees are now 40$- ok , but gang practices I have been skipping as I find not enough track time- to many groups pushed into the 5 hrs. I remember Oatfield extends practice time an hour. Racing fee is now 50$ pre registration as well, plus your 10$ spectator fee. The tracks have been shortening their layouts to save money. This last race at Riverfront- my intermediate class is 7 laps, total track time for 1 moto was about 10 minutes after checking results. 30$ for 10 minutes of track time. Not including if any of my family wants to attend. I like moto for the fitness, I moved up a level thinking cool I will get more track time. I have found the last couple races I have done, leave me feeling like I still wanted a couple more laps- I see why with the shortened tracks. Spend at least 60$ for 20 minutes of ride time on a race day. 40$ for maybe 2-3 good 15” practice sessions, once the track slop settles and lines form. 1 hour longer practice days? If they want shorter tracks then give us more laps, my group should be doing 9/10 laps at least. I think at least a 15” moto is fair, when you figure time/ expenses of getting to a track. I see the fall rep series is canceled- not sure if attendance was part of that or not. I for one have been racing less because of factors mentioned. The balance of charging more and having lower attendance vs charging less with higher attendance. Cost/benefit for the consumer. Couple others I ride with do not race anymore, they, like me do it more for fitness , so have elected to just ride. Anyway I have fun with the gang and racing is awesome , but just can’t do it as much. Maybe some discussions with track owners on how to balance things?

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    Agree that track time to cost is wacked out. Love the gang... love racing... but race fees are too high. $100 for a National weekend! Should be $20 imo


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      Attendance has not drop for othg or local promoters races weather plays a huge roll in turn outs and has for the past 15 years. Othg moto times are the longest you will find at the local level. And yes I keep track of everyone’s track time on race day and Saturday practice being responsible for every members safety and with the diverse skill levels of the othg Saturday practice needs to be broken up a little more than a open practice day at the track. Amp has always ran practice from 8am to 2pm while other promoters run from 9am to 2pm. There are a huge amount of variables thru out the day that affect practice and race days. The main goal of the OTHG is to promote safe and fun practice and race days for all of our members.
      Moto times were a little shorter at riverfront because of the forecasted rain the track was rain prepped and it made for much faster lap times.

      Dave Mozingo
      Sierra President
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        No where did I question the commitment to safety of othg or you. Just a discussion from what I and others have observed. I did not say to change practice format, just add an hour for more practice. Anyone who has ridden a regular or othg practice day at any track can’t argue the numbers are not down. Attendance numbers are the same at races(regular and othg both) as they were a year ago? We are all in different financial situations. Tracks costs have gone up, but so has our costs. This is not personal. OTHG is a great group. Possible improvements to the moto experience.

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      We have no control over what times or length our promoters run practice days.


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        For myself...the increase in track fees themselves are understandable and relatively minor compared to everything else. The economy being what it is...there is more cost on maintaining and prepping a track so the extra $10 or $15 isn't the end of the world for's everything else.

        I live on the for me to go to Riverfront...when adding in 2 bridge toll fees and gas in my V8 truck...round trip now is about $180. That is before paying any track fees or even taking my bike out of the truck. (with heavy slow downs and traffic that could go up).

        It's a compounding mix that with the cost of everything in life going up (groceries, healthcare etc.) it makes racing moto now a "luxury" that I can't justify doing on a regular basis at the moment.

        I'm most likely alone with this issue being so far from the I think most folks live in the Sacramento area and have a jump on being close to most of our tracks. I'm going to have to settle for the occasional trail ride to get my dirt fix for the time being.