DT-1 Date Change! New Dates: June 29th - 30th

The Valley, Sierra and Bay race at DT1 has been moved one week back to June 29, 30
This race will be removed from the iron man for Sierra chapter
Thank you everyone for your understanding June is a very tough month for scheduling races with graduations, Sierra old timer national and mammoth.
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RV Water fill locations close to Milestone?

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  • RV Water fill locations close to Milestone?

    Does anyone know of any place to fill the RV holding tanks that are close(and easy to access) close the Milestones track? I'd rather not two all the way down there with the extra 1000 lbs. of weight if I don't have to. Thanks for any input or guidance you may have.


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    While I don’t have a specific location for you I have some general ideas. Most major truckstops Loves, Flying J, Pilot have water available. Most Rv parks will do it for a nominal fee. You might want to call ahead. Most regional parks, esp a park that has RV camping will have a dump station where you can get water..and maybe dump on the way home.


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      There is a Camping World at Santa Clarita, I top off my tanks there when I go to Glen Helen or other places in the South.


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        great info, thank you very much.


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          Well if you weren’t towing 3000 square feet of living space that dodge might be able to handle it. There are a few apps for your phone and I pad that show dump stations and water thru out the USA. See you in couple weeks


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            Ya have a good point, towing a house down thru LA traffic has me over thinking this trip, haha. I've found a dump station close to Mileatone, but I wasn't sure if they have water to fill the tanks with. See ya Thursday afternoon down there????????


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              Tou’r Pulling it with a Dodge? That extra 1k shouldn’t be a worry at all.