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2020 Race Gas Update

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  • 2020 Race Gas Update

    8/8/2020 Race Gas Update


    Last race gas credits were submitted for Oatfield's race on 3/8. I'll be catching up submitting for missed races starting at Argyll on 6/28. I'll do my best to batch the races in groups. Since we are not doing points now, my process for collecting rider information has changed. Instead I will now have to pull riders manually off of track side results, for example My Laps, Trackside Results, etc.

    For support rider requests, please now just PM me directly within a week after each race. I will no longer be posting separate support rider request posts. Below are the remaining races I'll claim race gas credit for.

    {"alt":"Click image for larger version Name:\tCapture.PNG Views:\t1 Size:\t60.2 KB ID:\t3208","data-align":"none","data-attachmentid":"3208","data-size":"full"}
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    10/12/2020 Update:

    September's Riverfront race will post this week, Tuesday or Wednesday.

    For the last few races, I have been using Trackside results to pull riders for RaceGas credit. When you pre-register or signup online at the track, please make sure to enter all of your information including address and email. Thanks.